First Post!

Wow that’s original isn’t it! However I wanted to get started on my journey and use the quick and dirty method. Rather than get mired is trying t o craft the perfect first post I just wanted to get one out there. So this marks the beginning of something I never thought I would do. Something I probably have been resisting all my life. Surrounded by a family of artists it was always something I rebelled against. I don’t consider myself and artist. But I do find the enjoyment of creating things something I have missed out on doing through life.

I am somewhat of a butterfly and hop from thing to thing but the art of making something is not to be diminished. I think we all have an in built talent for something and that might not be knocking up the next Michelangelo. But there’s a spark in everyone!

I am going to keep this brief as I what to get on and do stuff. I also want to document this journey too. I have long not understood the meme of starving artists. The idea that making money from art is vulgar also evades me. In the past I have brought original artworks for no other intention that I like it I didnt expect the artist to . The journey is just as interesting as the destination.

So expect to see some drawings (digital diary), photos of things I find interesting and maybe some experiments in other medias

Lets see where this goes!

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