A weakness

A long time ago I was looking at some pictures of the area that I grew up in from around the 1900s. Although it was an era very removed from my lifetime. What struck me was the fact that the photographer was documenting a piece of time that was changing rapidly around itself. I guess that this happens all the time and we ourselves are part of those changes going around us.

With the advent of the digital camera and also social media there are very few things that probably don’t get recorded. However my interest in my locale and predominantly the buildings within that scenery are something that I hope will last the test of time. Although a lot of these buildings are crumbling down or being converted into property that no longer has any identification with its original purpose.

So one of the reasons for taking these photos is to part the document these buildings but also to capture a little bit of the past, or I what I remember of the past anyway. So for today I’ll leave this here.

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