Inktober 2021


As Inktober draws to a close I can now look back and review what I’ve done. I missed or rather I doing anticipate in 2020 as I could find the theme. For some reason my brain works better with a story. So when I decided to follow along this year the thread of sailing ship popped into my head and the seeds were sown.

It’s interesting to see the variation in each picture. Some are far more effective than others. Usually the ideas that just surface and pop in are the ones that prove easiest to draw. I can definitely tell the ones I rushed or got bored with.

What next?

Yes, So what now?! Well there is the opportunity to carry on as Inktober also carries on from the month challenge to a yearly challenge. With this there are 52 words, creating prompts for the whole year. I also created a kind of visual diary with a panel of four drawings on one page. Well I say a page, more like a screen. I did also trying doing this every day but it turned out to be too time consuming. There needs to be somewhere between the two. I really enjoy my doodling and find it more fun looking back at them. Now that I have my own website I feel that I have a much bntter hold over the ownership as I have often felt that its pretty much open season on any imagery uploaded to the internet. Also the feeling of having to produce to feed the like monster is a big part of creating media for the masses. But in my own little corn of the woods I can come and go as much as I like.

The challenge

As my mind seems to work better when there is a constraint or focus for it. I am appropriating the 30 day challenge. So for the next thirty days I am going to create a picture relating to my day. Some may encompass multiple events but I will more likely take one thing and work on that. So lets see how it pans out.

I’ll leave you with the last image from 2021..

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