This is a shorter than usual post and the reason is that it is soon to be my birthday and with that I decided I wanted to have a go at creating a Linocut. As I live in a rural, remote-ish part of the UK I have to travel to places to experience this kind of thing.

I have selected a course, an in-person one, and am looking for dates that will suit. It unfortunately won’t be an immediate gratification, more delayed. But I am hoping to get it sorted out in early June. “More of that story later”. For the time being I am keeping details under wraps as I want to take the course first before I share my experiences.

The main reason why I chose to do this is that I really wanted to turn my doodles into a physical form and I thought that the linocut would be a good medium. I have always liked the printmaking form ever since I remember this sketchy classroom attempts in the Art block. But it stuck with me and now I have the idea and the project for it I thought why not give it a go.

I did buy one of those crappy plastic Chinese beginners sets but it never got any further that unwrapping it. Yes you can look things up on the internet but it’s just not the same as having someone skill guiding you through all the pitfalls. I personally learn much faster if shown how to do something. But yes there is nothing one can’t learn on Youtube!

I need to decide on the image I take along with me. It not being too complicated nor too easy. I think it might the basis of a logo. But I will noodle some ideas up first.

So for the moment. I am excited to sign up and give it a go and hopefully have something to show for it in the not too distant future.

Until next time.

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