End of the road?

I haven’t written anything for a while, as I’ve been having no end of problems with backend of WordPress. It is somewhat demotivating when things don’t go well and you don’t necessarily know why. I am not techie enough to know all the ins and outs of how WordPress works, and then one of those people who are little of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I was posting on Micro.blog I was trying to get my feet to not mess up the main feed but I couldn’t get this to work reliably. So I have given up trying to post on Micro.blog. One of the reasons I didn’t carry on there was that unfortunately I could no longer afford the hosting. Although it is a measly $5 a month with my other with entities, was just one thing too many.

I am now however, focusing on the block here. I am trying to work out how I integrate my daily drawings to it. But it is difficult as it’s once the main feed with a picture a day. I am really not sure where the people are bothered by this but it does seem to me in order to read a post like this you may have to wade through 30 other posts. But the problem with WordPress for me is that I can’t get it to look and work the way I want to. I think that the only way of doing this is to write your own WordPress template. Which I don’t have a skill for. So for the moment I am having to put up with something that I can pallet. Having seen all the adverts on the Internet for Squarespace that seems to me a good place for ease of use and nice design.

There in lies the problem of having an artistic eye. When it’s not right it’s not right. Physically jarring. But the correct behaviour for me is to just accept and then try and improve later. Rather than getting bogged down in trying to work out how things work, and spending huge amounts of time in future tense to change something. Better to just to get the ball rolling again.

I have had the idea of starting the physical art for sometime. But have allowed procrastination and the time management to thwart this goal. It is also quite daunting looking out on the Internet at how many really talented people there are. But there again they all started somewhere. It is interesting to see progress. And the journey of starting a new skill. The only way to improve it is by repetition. To keep chipping away at the problem. Learning better ways to do it. This is true of my daily drawing on the iPad. I have found that there are certain ways of working more economically in time that I haven’t thought about before. Whereas I started out with no thoughts of how I would create the drawings. My work process is now to come up with the idea and then think about the process of how I go about drawing it. This helps with not only to speed of drawing. Although that is not a goal necessarily to do it as quickly as possible. But is good to work smart.

I have been attempting to get into the rhythm of posting as I know that in doing the drawing consistently I keep going. The whole point of the blog is to record my efforts in my journey to become better at what I do. But it has been difficult to keep that consistency going when the technology is fighting you. It’s really down to the ease of use. A lot of these self build websites proclaim the easiness but don’t talk about what happens when things go wrong. Admittedly there is nothing that one cant find out on Youtube, but often, knowing what the problem is.

All of this is a diversion from the fact that I am not having a go at doing something physical. I am still trying to work out what I want to do. The doodles don’t lend themselves to being created in the real world. So it would have to be a stand alone. It’s not something I want to do everyday. It literally has come to mind as I have beed writing this down. Now that’s a bit of a cliff hanger! So check back on what came out of finally sitting down and focussing on writing this blog post. 

Till next time..

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