Sooooo, I went and did it. I have signed up for a one day Linocut course. I have long wanted to do this. I have long admired the Linocut format. The relative “ease” of creation and just the quality of the art I find most pleasing.

I have to come up with an idea for the day. But that will be easy as I have ton load of ideas. In fact it will be harder to narrow those ideas down. But I have settled on coming up with the logo for ArtByCutting. I am going to think hard about this. However I want to keep it simple as I thing simple is usual the best design. I know there’s not original thought, but I do like Aaron Draplin’s ethos of iteration in design that I came across in a skillshare course. So I am going to play around with this. But I am really excited to embark on this journey to create some fun, physical artwork related to my drawings and my location.

I will provide more information as I get closer and after the course. It is some way off though, as it’s not until October. Plenty of time to get the log done then. But the excitement levels are growing.

Until next time …

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