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I have been mulling around the idea of how I manage my content. I have set up a Patreon and also a Ko-fi site and been thinking about the way this integrates with the way I put my content out there, it seems to me that if people are prepared to donate or support you that there must be some form of extra value that is given. I know from my own content consumption that often it’s not really about what the person is doing. It is just that I like it and am happy to support them. Even if I am not really getting a huge amount in return. I just recognise that I am supporting someone doing what they love? doing. And that I can continue to enjoy what they put out.

However in this day and age where delivery is a blessing and a curse, I feel that I would like the people who choose to support me to get that bit extra. 

Since starting my doodling in earnest, I have been bombarded with NFT related nonsense. I know copying and counterfeiting are rife on the internet and that is what drives me to think about protecting the art for the people that enjoy it. One of the ideas I came up with is to only allow 30 days of current content. That really means the daily doodles. But for the folks contributing to me, they get unlimited access to them. I know there are a couple of artists that I follow that every now and then I go back and look through their archive. This is what I would like to emulate.

I sort of linked news, I have got rid of Instagram. I deep down didn’t want to do it. Given my strongly held opinion that Facebook, sorry, Meta are the spawn of satan. I felt dirty hooking back up with it again. However I quickly realised that my intuition was right and that it was not really going to go any further than some friends and family. At the same time I came across a really thoughtful video by a creator new to me, who has subsequently quit YouTube! 🙂  But with a bit of conformation bias, it helped me pull the plug.

There is so much advice/content out there telling you how to or how not to grow with social media and I agree with Louise’s premise that it is a bit of a self perpetuating niche. The best thing to do it to retreat back to the comfort of ones own site and look at how I can provide people genuinely interested in my arty efforts something that they can enjoy which is not splattered all around the internet. Trying to hustle up an audience.

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