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In this weeks post I thought I would bring you the rethink of the daily drawings and some of the things I have enjoyed looking at on Twitter. I am not on any of the other platforms and if I was I am no longer. I try to keep focused on just looking at the things that bring joy and not the constant stream of the other, although I do get stuck sometimes. But there are a lot of uplifting content.

First up I have managed to coral my daily drawings into one weekly effort, so as not to swamp the feed and notifications. I think this will probably change around a bit before I settle into what I like and am comfortable with. I kind of see it as a web comic but in a diary form. It’s not a comic in the true sense of the word. Life is far from comical! But I think of it as more of a narrative than a story. Although sometimes I do wonder about the difference. I think that this format is nice to look at and follow along as on Twitter the day passes by quickly and is long forgotten. How many of use scroll back trough feeds? 

Then there is the question of vertical or horizontal. Well there’s no contest really as vertical is what we are all looking at. Whether it be on the phone or computer. As we now live in the age of the smartphone being the largest source of content consumption, I better make sure it fits in with that format. But then one has to learn all about responsive design. Or is that mobile design. For anyone reading this I would interested in hearing your thoughts. Anyway here’s the last week.

Until next time…

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