New year, new start.

I know,  we’ve all been there. Good intentions but distractions getting the better of us. New years resolutions, made in the early days of the year that inevitably will fade in time. Maybe a bit of a jaundiced view of these things, but only because I am one of those people that fall prey to the downfall of the 20th of January. However, in 2023 I am going to see how far I can get with my blogging. I hope you have had a good start to the year and that if you made any resolutions they are still going strong.

I have been contemplating a word, theme and other alternatives to the old resolution. I haven’t come up with anything that really sticks with me though. I do like the 1% better ideology that took the British Cycling Team from no-hopers to world champions. There is much more in James Clear’s Atomic Habits

The fact that I have managed to get to around 300 odd days in my online visual journal is some testament to the fact that I can actually apply myself consistently. But strangely some things seem to work and some don’t even with the best intentions. I could try the thirty-day challenge method as I have had some success with that. For some reason, my monkey brain manages to trip me up. I know that I can do it and once in the groove I’m pretty rock solid. There comes that thing, that little niggle, the swerve in the road that throws the cart over and suddenly it’s all over.

Without turning this into a magnum opus I will say that I am not going to pretend that everything’s wonderful. I will however start from this current week and move on from there. You can find more over at my KoFi page if you would like to, but for now I will leave you with my life in lines for week three of 2023.

Until next time

Week 3 – 2023

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