Exciting New World 

Ok, Sooo, I may not have been the worlds best blogger, although I may achieve the award for the worlds worst potentially. But I am turning over a new leaf. I have a new project that I am working my way through at the moment that I am very excited about. But it is one of tease moments, like all those big YouTubers do, where I am not going to reveal just yet, mainly because I want to make sure that I am delivering on the promise I made to myself. It’s all too easy to get carried away with announcing things that are a great idea but not followed through.

I will say that it wont come as a complete surprise, and it has been brewing away for some time. I just haven’t been able to see the path for it. That is until now. It’s going to be some fun journey and I hope to document it warts and all.

Quite often, well at least for me, ideas seem to float around just out of reach. Sparks of inspiration that can’t quite be grabbed. If given enough time to marinade, they eventually settle on the plate in front of me. Finally for this project that has happened.

I am using a thirty day challenge that I have tried out on some other projects and habit building to get me to the finish line, towards the end of next month. I will however show that progress when I get there. I am being pretty optimistic that there will be relatively few problems along the way, but if there are they’ll all be noted down in my new Obsidian diary I have started for this project.

I’ve had to overcome a pretty big dose of imposter syndrome in the beginning of this, but I reached a point where I thought what the hell, just do it. There are many millions out there all doing similar things, but the key to success is consistency. That is one thing I have taught myself over the last five hundred odd days that I have been doing my daily visual journal over on mastodon @artbycutting@mastodon.art. I have put my head done every day and just got on and done it, no matter what. So transferring that determination to this new project I should be half way to a good shout.

There are a bunch of things that need to be put in place. One of which is I am going to be setting up an email list thingy. We are constantly told in order to maintain connection to our audience you must have an email list! I actually agree. With all the shenanigans on social media at the moment it’s hard not to see why. But I want to be mindful of anyone who signs up that I don’t bombard with unnecessary gumph. If you care to sign up for and follow along this exciting roller coaster of becoming a fully paid up artist you will receive sporadic emails about projects and artworks.

So until next time…

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