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Whilst pondering many things this morning I had a bit of a revelation. That thought highlighted the fact the common thread running through my like has been making things. There are periods where I made more than I didn’t and there was the inverse. But there was always something in the background that I put my hands to. I think of making some furniture in my very first flat. Rebuilding an engine for my first proper motorbike to later in life renovating my first house. Then there was obviously the obligatory Lego bricks, and this was in the days before the kits. In fact parents and grand parents were often dragged to the toy store to buy a selection of multicoloured bricks for my brother and I. Then moving on to Airfix kits, not withstanding the glued finger prints and the paint runs. I cut my teeth like many children in this way and I am sure that it had an influence on my future tinkering efforts.

These thoughts were brought on by listening to a podcast I like to follow called “Making It”. The hosts had the topic up for discussion and it got me thinking about my own journey. Woodworking has also been a thread, but space and time often conspired against this hobby. I guess I was always going to have this background coming from a family of artists. But my journey took me on a more practical route, whereas the families was more of the artistic nature. But as I have said before I think the genes rubbed off, I just chose to rebel against them till later in life.

I really enjoyed the problem solving, even with kits that marked every thing out for you there were still things that had to be understood or pondered. That certain helped later in life and career. 

But it was not seemingly the path of art for me. However coming full circle, I find that it does have relevance. The pictures I doodle need thought prior to putting pencil to tablet. Then there are all the choices of composition and colour. I look at all the artworks I see out there on the internet and all of it has gone through the same process. Making decisions is the fascinating part for me. Because thats what makes the art what it is.

The limited sketching I have done, points out what was selected to be the scene. I think I took for granted the digital image that could be manipulated in a million ways, but the artwork, like a film photo has many more constraints on it that force you to make the image a compaction of the scene. 

In making these decisions, I often find my drawings change, often times for the better. But that problem solving I started learning as a kid is still there. Improved by repetition and experience. It may not be perfect but it is skill that can be improved with time and consistency. I do struggle with making my artworks. It is not as free and fluid as my doodles. Maybe that’s just because the doodles are easy to do. No taxing thought. No fear of the miss-drawn line. The inability to double finger tap and undo that errored line. But the sense of achievement is still there, that giddy happiness on completion. I use to see nothing but negativity if it was not perfectly to my liking. However some while ago I managed to shake off that mantle of perfection. It was never going to be the object I craved, so I took a step back and decided to be happy with the outcome and just try and improve technique. 

In making these squiggles, a portfolio of effort is accumulated. I am pretty sure that there are the naturally talented and then there’s the majority of artists that strive on. But for me the act of trying is the important thing. Each new idea is a possibility to make something better.

Making is important. Making is in my DNA.

One last thing, I am going to be trying to make an email list. It’s all new to me and I am going to be learning along the way. If you would like to keep up with what’s happening here at ArtByCutting feel free to subscribe below. I won’t spam unless I completely bungle things, but will only send notifications about posts and product. I look forward to bringing exciting news in the future and appreciate you taking the time to follow along.

Until the next time… 

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