As easy as A, B, C

I was going to post another thoughts post but I have an exciting to me, challenge to take on. I think it might just be the one thing that gets me going. I have found that the best way for me to achieve things is to be challenged to do it. It started off with inktober in 2019 and I have used this on a number of things since then. I don’t know why my brain responds to this but it does.

So the challenge is over here and is starting in a number of days. There is a bit of a set up but once that has been completed its all systems go. It is going to push me in a number of ways. The main one being creating videos for them, as this is the medium that I have chosen to output the content to. But the art creation over time is also a challenge. Not because the creation but the focus needed to see it through to the end. However this is as I say the idea vehicle to get me going, as I have been procrastinating this project for at least six months and maybe over a year if I was really honest. I am also considering doing Inktober this year if the mood is right, but thats another distraction from starting this project.

What is the name of this challenge I hear you say? It’s name is “Alphabet Subset” and can be found here. The project I have chosen to get me to started is to create Linocut Prints. The theme is my local area. I know there are probably hundreds if not thousands that have done this very same thing before me. But like all artists who have their own styles. I will rely on my style to differentiate the many others. Ultimately the goal for this is to sell some of my efforts. I have some ideas for the ways that I can do that. However, that is not the scope for this project.

Over twenty six weeks, that takes me into next year. As I sit here, in the back holiday weekend I feel the turn of the season. I feel the need to go out and collect my reference imagery now, but then it could be interesting to portray in winter. At least I will have the option. Attaching the locations to the letters takes a lot of pressure off as then I know what I am doing all the way through. There are some at the end that are difficult if not impossible to combine. I have however taken the tack of using somewhat imaginary scenes to portray.

The fact that I have this mapped out in my head is a good omen. The less flexibility, the better. I have a blueprint now. So the foundations are set. It’s just down to me to attempt to keep up with it. As I have mentioned in the past, I dont do Meta, Xitter or the other mainstream social media platforms. But I am on Mastodon and will post more up to date progress over there at if you are at all interested.

As a record I put my worksheet up here to remind myself about what I am going to do. Some of it was hard to see how it would fit in with my own efforts. But I adapted it to suit my own needs. It’s good for me to have this record of accountability as it will hopefully keep my nose to the grindstone.

It will be interesting to see where this takes me, as I am sure there will be unforeseen challenges and benefits.

Until the next time…

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