Been a tough week this week for various reasons. But I decided to keep to the plan. And although there has been no physical progress, things have been put in place to organise the project. I have come to realise that if I am organised I have a much better chance of succeeding at something than if I don’t. I spent most of my life fighting it but have now surrendered to the need for order.

The worksheets supplied for the challenge have given me a lot of focus and brought up some interesting answers to them. These are around what is the view of success. Until now I really hadn’t thought about what that picture was, but in this process I looked at my motivations. I thing most people do art just because they enjoy it. Right from childhood we just doodle, because we want to. There’s no ulterior motive. No success plan, no desire to turn it into a business. We just played. But at some point if one wants to make something from it there has to be a plan. I think I have said in the past, that money always seemed to be a dirty word, and that really artists should be of the starving kind. Not the grasping type. Not that I really knew what these were. But the worksheet brought me round to the the fact I would like to support myself, even somewhat from my artistic endeavours. I could seem daunting in an ocean of competition, but if I just chug away, maybe I will one day achieve this.

For the moment I will use the challenge to build experience, confidence and audience. I must say I am a bit daunted about starting this. As I am not sure if my ability is up to it. But I know that the the journey will be very interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how it grows into a body of work that I will have at the end of it. Much like my daily doodle, when I started, I didn’t really know where it would take me. But looking back at the early ones that I started just over a year ago, I can see growth in my style. So I am hoping that my style and ability grows over the next six months. Even if the initial attempts look like they have been created by a three year old, at some point I will reach the place I am happy with.

In the meantime I am considering whether I should add a level of complexity to this project by doing Inktober, next month. But I have to take into account that this will add a load of time to my day. On average, I think that it took me around a couple of hours to do the drawings. Added to the daily journal, that might add up to four to five hours a day of drawing. On top of that there would be the project work. I am really going to have to work out a bit of a timetable for all this. If I decide to do it. I do have an inclination to do it though, if the prompts fit into a story.

I have a month to decide and I will also be in the swing of Alphabet Superset by then, so should be able to decide if it is doable.

It is going to be a very productive time. In fact at the time of writing this, it is a Harvest moon tonight, although it’s kind of not related, I feel that I am drawing in the harvest of art projects that will provide though the winter. And that is exciting.

I have a short break away, but on my return I will be getting started on project “A” on Monday

So until next time…

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