Pivot Table

So, I always seem to start my posts with “So”. But So, what’s happening this week? Well after deciding to put on hold Alphabet Superset, I was looking around and there were several things that popped up online that piqued my interest. However, I realised that I needed to focus myself on the current moment. There’s some family stuff going on that will probably take up a chunk of my time till the end of the month. However, that will not stop me from trying to move forward on a couple of projects. In fact I sit here tapping out this post in Tesco carpark. If I can work here I can work anywhere!

Inktober 2023

I have decided to do the Inktober challenge, as I came up with the theme that would be the story for the individual prompt words. I have also taken the brave step to attempt to do this with pens and paper. What tipped me over the edge was a trip to a local town and strolling past an art store that I remember being dragged into when I was a kid. Looking around I saw some Japanese Ink Pens and thought to myself, it’s a sign. I guess I just need to keep the artistic plates spinning. I just can’t stop myself.

I have the sketchbook(s) I think and I will be trying them out after I have done the ink drawings I will do a second set that I will fill with watercolour. It is all part of the bigger experiment into the world of art.

I know there are tons of different pens, inks, biros, sketchbooks, paper etc. etc but I am going to experiment with what I have got. I am considering possibly turning the drawings into a little book with a story or fables that I would put on my Ko-Fi page. I think it is an interesting side project to take on and could generate more interest in the wider umbrella of ArtByCutting


I have been mulling over the idea of starting a YouTube channel. I wrestle with the idea that what do I have to say or show. I am just an imposter, and that can I create something that is interesting enough to get it going, I know me droning on about my doodles, or for the fact I hadn’t managed to something I said I would do. This is the most likely scenario. But the journey stories are particularly interesting to me. Watching the channel grow and build skills and experience. Therefore there is a possibility to make something.

I do also like the process of making videos. It is after all another form of creativity. I would use the things that I have around me and I have various bits of kit that have been gifted to me, but most of my stuff is pretty old in the tooth now. But all of it is capable of making reasonable quality video.

The main problem I have is the focus that it would take. I am really not good at keeping myself to one thing. All the internet gurus keep saying “Niche down!”. But that’s not good for me. What my ideal audience would be one that was interested in my journey no matter what I dabble in.

Because I can see things like there being videos on Linocuts, but then maybe making some wooden handles for the tools and to do that I make a pole lathe to turn them. Maybe some woodwork. A bit of pottery, bookbinding, leather work, Even possibly metal work. Now the reality is that I won’t do all of these things even a small set of these. But if I wanted to… I would want the freedom to try them out.

I think the main reason for doing this channel would just be to document my efforts, although the idea of a community of like-minded people is attractive too. But there is a big leap from sitting here in the car writing this post and setting up a channel that has to actually produce something. There might be more of this next week. I might have just thought what the hell and gone ahead and started it. Time will tell.

Wrap up

That ends another weeks thoughts and I really enjoy sitting down to write this even if there isn’t any physical work to show or report on. The act of doing it is encouraging to me as there are so many distractions that this reminds me to give thought to what I am doing and what I want to achieve. The consistent ones are the successful ones. It feels like the more I do this the clearer my thoughts become on what I actually want to achieve with my artistic journey. I used to be scared of saying these things, with so much talent out there, not just in my family but the world. But now I have embraced that I enjoy creating things and that is the bottom line. It’s not some lofty career, it’s just a practical desire to make things others will enjoy.

Finally, the title popped into my head as I thought about my desk being a table and pivoting around my ideas. I know laughing at my own jokes is not a good look!

Until the next time….

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