Road to Redemption

It’s a good job that this is not my day job and just a hobby. But in a way that is a blessing in that I don’t have to get this out. I do however like the focus of having to report something if nothing else to myself. The effort that goes into writing this is a reminder that I do need to focus on my art creation. It is an important part of life to be able to relax and unwind from the distractions and frictions of life. Boy, I’ve had a few of those over the last few weeks. As you will see this morning seems to be a bit of a visual marker for the boundary of previously stormy weather and the future to come. Well, it does to me.

But sticking with something is important, especially to me. Someone who struggles with concentration. But the feeling of completion adds to the enjoyment of doing. And that is why I enjoy sitting down and writing this message, even if it is to the future me. It teaches me discipline. Also to clarify my thoughts and actions for the following week. If you listen to all the internet gurus, then this on the face of it seems pointless as I am not streamlining for efficiency or Search Engine Optimisation. I’m just doing it for me and anyone who enjoys following along. 

Inktober 23

Anybody following my Inktober efforts will have seen that I have fallen behind on my drawings. This was tied up with life getting in the way. That rather dented my enthusiasm and I struggled with some of the concepts for the day’s drawing. But I am back on track and raring to go. I am five days behind, only four if you count today’s as not being overdue. But even so there is a bit of effort needed to catch up.

I am definitely finding the inking much harder than I thought it would be. But as I have said previously it is definitely teaching me lessons about creating art. The end is in sight and the journey will end. For the character too 🙂

Next year’s efforts are going to be different from this. Just to be able to try out new techniques. But I must now get on and get doodling.

One Picture


As we turn into winter months I tend to be more productive as there is less time to be outside. My intention this year is to give over far more time to my hobbies than slumped in front room consuming hours of other people doing things they enjoy! I certainly have enough distractions to do that. Even if it is rearranging my shelves.

But in seriousness, I do think far too much time is wasted on being sucked into the socials. Part of getting myself off them was that I could enjoy more time on the things I love to do. It means moving stuff around and rethinking my space as to how best to utilise it. But that is also part of the fun. I’m sure there will be a whole new set of things to organise and store!

What I have been watching, reading, and listening to.

I wanted to think about the future and what I will do after I finish Inktober. I have a hankering to have a go at some watercolour sketches. Seeing so much great work over on Mastodon has made me consider that this is something that I could have a go at. There is an ocean of courses out there on the interwebs. Picking one seems a bit daunting but I am going to seek counsel about ones that suit a complete novice.

I have been recommended Skillshare as well, as there are so many courses on there that would be of interest. But that might lead to Shiny Object Procrastination Syndrome, hmm could that even be a syndrome? But I might investigate in a bit. 

I have just started “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon and must be one of the last people to read this. Point taken about there is no original art now and that everything is a dilution of something else. But I will maybe comment more when I have finished it.

I have also dug out a disk drive of all my music collection over the years that I haven’t listened to in probably a decade. I’m not sure why I stopped listening but the goal is to get a setup that I can just press a button and hear something. At the moment I only have my iDevices and the sound is not brill out of them so I think some kind of speaker that can run on its own. Maybe a Raspberry Pi gadget.

But then I can listen to everything from Fauré to Faithless and Phillip Glass to Gary Moore. 

Until the next time…

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