As I sit here looking out of the window on a very grey gloomy Autumnal day, and realise that the clocks have gone back. Every year I go through the same discombobulation and disorientation. They need to get rid of all the Daylight Saving Time. It comes from a long distant time ago when there was a need but in the 21st Century, we really don’t need it imho. Hmm, maybe I need coffee to get this day started, rather than starting it off with a rant.


I became aware of Threads a while ago when I was still on the blue bird site. As it was Meta and I thought, “Nah, I’m not going there!”. But then a little voice in my head started saying maybe you should try it out, rather than condemn it with no experience of it. So two days ago I decided to download the app and give it a try. Then I realised that I would need an Insta account. Doh! I had removed myself completely from that some years ago, with a brief dalliance recently, which only reminded me of the reason for offloading.

Sigh, ok I’ll create another account just to take up some storage space on the Zuckerdrome. But the immediate feeling of stress and agitation returned. To me, it just looked like insta looked like before they started messing with it. Also, the complete culture shock from my little corner of the fediverse was almost enough to make me turn it off and delete it there and then.

I’m not sure why I wanted to try it out. I guess just curiosity! But I rapidly concluded that it was not for me. Even with the prospect of it embracing the Fediverse, I very much doubt Meta’s stated benevolent feelings towards it will actually materialise. But, in an attempt to investigate my reaction and a general feeling of ambiguity to Threads, I decided to give it a month and then decided what I would do from there. It may be that I am being completely irrational about it, or it might be that I do need to listen to my voice and protect myself from the endless scroll. Only time will tell. But if you read this and want to see how the experiment goes I am over there. 

Inktober 23

I’m not having a good year this year with Inktober. This is mainly down to starting a new job. But I intended to be there on the finish line on the 31st of October. Technically I haven’t completed the challenge fully, and part of me feels like I have failed. But the creating is the important part. The Whole point of the challenge is to get people to create. Getting hung up on the definition of success or failure is not what I am focusing on.

Running alongside my daily drawing for my visual journal was always going to be a bit of a push as I was always going to prioritise that over the Inktober effort. But I realised that more effort was required. Something that I can take forward to the next challenge I set myself.

What I have watched, listened to, come or across.

I don’t on the whole watch a lot of art creation content online. I think partly that I don’t want to be too influenced by what I create for myself. But I am really interested in the stories and motivations behind the artists. With that in mind, I watched a really interesting episode of Diary of a CEO featuring Rainn Wilson. This not only was a very moving and insightful conversation. I had no idea of his early life and the difficulties that he must have gone through. It also inspired me to seek out the US version of The Office as I was definitely in the camp of “Oh they’ll just ruin it!”.

I have been binge-watching this channel a bit over the last few days and there is so much that can be taken that may not directly be about art. But is applicable to one’s thoughts and processes.

I also really enjoyed the BBC’s “This Cultural Life” with Werner Herzog. Another amazing story and a very focused artist.

Finally, I have uncovered some of my Father’s Old Jazz records and have been listening to some Miles Davis. Just trying to expand my range of music. Also finding what helps with the creative flow. I think I am going to treat myself to a BT speaker so I can listen better. My AirPods seem to be fading in quality and volume. 

One Picture

Wrap Up 

I am hoping to get my workspace sorted in the next couple of weeks I am contemplating a standing desk as I find I’m more productive when upright. Along with a modular box system, I think I can manage different projects more easily. I have some interesting ones, well to me anyway. So moving forward.

Until next time…

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