I wasn’t going to write this post. As it’s really a tale of failure and not at all sexy to the blog-reading public. but then I thought. “No”. This is the reality of life. It doesn’t always go as planned and it is important to recognise that these things happen and that the really important thing is to keep going.


Sometimes friction is necessary. It’s not easy if one is trying to achieve goals. In my case getting a video out on my YouTube channel. But I couldn’t find the Ink. I knew I had it but have put it down somewhere that I can’t find now. That led to a major dose of imposterism. Then deflation. Now I could have decided that I was going to give in. However, I have been investigating some self-help books on psychology and behavioural change in order to fight the normal patterns. I used to be really snooty about this type of literature, mainly because my family were so against it. But I think it is good to try and open one‘s mind to this kind of stuff. I try to pick ones that I think will resonate with me and am limiting myself to something that actually interests me. There are just so many takes on the same thing, that it could easily be confused into not knowing what to do.

This is the time when I need to keep the ball rolling. Even if it is a reminder to me that at this time I managed to keep that momentum going. Writing down these thoughts may seem like just waffling. However, I see it as keeping the habit up. By doing something repetitively it becomes more baked in. That then helps with the creation bit.

So, this week’s video will be delayed till tomorrow when I can go out and get the ink that I need to start my lino cutting oddescy. But it’s not the end of the world as I would have thought in the past. Which is a good thing. I am doing this for fun! Right?  

What I have watched, listened to, come across.

I’ve deliberately not looked up any videos on Lino cutting, as I didn’t want to be coloured in my first attempts. In the days before the internet, we just had to get on and do it. Now with all the virtual tuition that’s available out there. But I have been binging on another subject, but there maybe more to come on that. Reading has also been high on my list as I wanted to ween myself off the endless diet of streaming. It’s a mixture of fiction and non fiction, mostly gained from local charity shops. I picked up a book on Ravillious that I love seeking out all detail in. I’m also dabbling in the works of Anthony Gormley. I find it fascinating, just the scale of them and the connections they make.

One photo

Wrap up

It’s actually been a really good week. I have started to get on top of the procrastination bug and making progress to where I want to be. I finally am getting to the place that I want to be. Of course, all of this has nothing to do with creating art I hear you say. Well, I beg to differ. I am far from being a natural-born artist and for me, there are many hurdles to complete before the ink dries. But I hope you’ll enjoy the journey

Until next time…

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