Hello, I’m Tom and welcome to my site. This is the home for all my attempts at art. I came to this very late in life after a career. I was always told that a job was what you went to and Art is something your born to. But I had a family full of artists so I guess some of that rubbed off on me. It all started on the 243 Bus from Holborn in London when I started doodling my day on the way home. It was very rudimentary and pretty much finger painting on my phone. but as I got into it, it grew in detail and complexity. I was spending more time completing these little daily doodles. Over the years it has ebbed and flowed but its really interestingly looking back at periods in life where I can see things that sparked memories of that time that a photo may not have given.

So why this site, well I want a place to put my art that’s not reliant on others. Whether that’s social media of media moguls. I can also explore different avenues without upsetting algorithms. It also allows me to connect without a middle layer. I am just starting to learn about WordPress again for the reason of control and curiosity.

However I do exist on other forms and recently I came across doevery.day which is an interesting site. It encourages one to keep doing something and build up a streak. I also exist on mastodon, as @artbycutting@mastodon.art. If you have not come across it before it is a calming and interesting place to connect with others in a non toxic way that many of the other platforms are. However I am only at mastodon as I don’t have any Meta accounts. If you enjoy my efforts and would like to support me, check out below

And my final thought from one of my favourite Youtubers

Life’s better when you make stuff